Exceptional Building Services

House Moving and Other Structural Services

Based in Fulton, SD, Robinson House Moving Inc offers exceptional structural services, such as house moving and pole barn raising, in South Central, SD. Our convenient relocation solutions let you move and preserve structures of various sizes. We look forward to assisting you in relocation and other structural needs you may have.

Our Services Include:

  • Historic Preservation
  • House Moving
  • Pole Barn Raising
  • Structural Foundation Repair
  • Transport Services
  • Wall Services
Installation of roof

Why Structural Moving Service?

Call our team whether you need to save a historic building from demolition or you want to move out of a flood-prone area. Building relocation is also a great solution when your building has been built too close to the property line. Whatever your reason for wanting to move a building, call our team for a well-organized relocation service.

Call the Structural Relocation Experts

Robinson House Moving Inc has earned a good reputation for completing structural moving projects safely and efficiently. Our team consists of expert house movers. If you need further information about our house moving and structural repair services, call us at (605) 996-9231.