Reliable Structural Movers

Relocating Buildings in South Dakota

Robinson House Moving Inc in Fulton, SD is a leading structural moving company in South Dakota. We relocate houses and buildings to prevent wasteful demolition and reduce materials to landfills. Our service is also a feasible way to preserve historic structures and increase opportunities for affordable housing.


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Over 50 Years of Quality Services

We take pride in providing quality structural solutions. For over 50 years, our team has been working with homeowners, structural engineers, and homeowners associations. Contact us to raise and level houses that have structural damage and need structural foundation repairs because of expansive soils.

Call the Leading Structural Moving Company

If you need structural repair or moving services, turn to the leading company in South Dakota. Rely on our decades of experience and unending dedication to assist you in preserving your building. For quality structural repair and moving services, call Robinson House Moving Inc at (605) 996-9231.